Citizens Against Substance Abuse 928-779-5361

About Us

Citizens Against Substance Abuse (CASA)

is a non-profit substance abuse prevention agency based in Flagstaff, Arizona. CASA achieves the goals of prevention and reducing substance abuse through:

Education and awareness
Drug-free alternative activities
Partnerships with local citizens and agencies

To accomplish these objectives, CASA provides a number of continuing services which are funded through the METRO and the Federal Government, support from community partners, and individual contributions. CASA also partners with local law enforcement agencies, Flagstaff Unified School District, Northern Arizona University Athletic Department, the Flagstaff Mall and other local businesses to provide alternative drug and violence free activities. Some of these activities and other ongoing activities/events are listed below.

CASA organizes and facilitates The Challenge at the two local public high schools. The Challenge is a DUI prevention and awareness presentation given to juniors and seniors prior to prom and graduation, both identified as high-risk times for underage drinking. Challenge presenters include paramedics/ER nurses, law enforcement officers, a judge, insurance agents, and personal testimonies by individuals affected by DUI accidents.

Coconino County Alliance Against Drugs (CCAAD)

The Coconino County Alliance Against Drugs (CCAAD) mission statement:

The Coconino County Alliance Against Drugs will unite the citizens of Flagstaff and the County to prevent and reduce substance abuse amongst youth and, ultimately, adults. The Alliance will use the resources in the community to deliver prevention services and activities and promote healthy life styles.

The Coconino County Alliance Against Drugs (CCAAD) vision statement:

The Coconino County Alliance Against Drugs envisions a community in which all persons have access to Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs (ATOD) prevention and treatment information by providing up to date ATOD related resources in Coconino County.

Currently, CCAAD has a subcommittee and a task force working within Coconino County:

Check out Monthly Newsletter for CCAAD

The Western Navajo-Hopi Meth Task Force was started in April, 2006 by concerned professionals and citizens in the Tuba City area,  the Coconino County Attorney’s Office, the Coconino County Alliance Against Drugs (CCAAD) and Citizens Against Substance Abuse (CASA). We are concerned about the destruction caused by meth on the Navajo and Hopi Nations.

Our focus is: Prevention-Education-Enforcement on the Navajo and Hopi Nations in the areas of meth abuse and other drugs, as well as binge drinking by our youth.

We look for ways to support the many fine Native professionals that are involved in this hard work on a daily basis in the fields of behavioral health, social services, education, medicine, religion and law enforcement, among others.

Both groups are committed to addressing education and prevention aspects of their individual issues. For more information on the Methamphetamine Task Force or the Underage Drinking Subcommittee, please call the CASA/CCAAD office at 928-779-5361. Email

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